Fridge Cleaning


Fridge Cleaning

Refrigerator cleaning services at Master General Cleaning

If you notice some caked-on food present in your fridge or a faint smell whenever you open the door, then it is time to clean it up. But if you have no time and resources for this task, who will? Cleaning up a fridge can take hours and demand a good amount of scrubbing. Besides, if you want to carry out this task precisely, you have to pull all the trays in the fridge out to clean up the pet hairs, grime, and dust that accumulates on your condenser coil.

Instead of taking some time off from your busy schedule to scrub the dirt, spots or grime present in the fridge of your own, we encourage you to hire professional fridge cleaning services at the Master General Cleaning. With our expert house and refrigerator cleaning services, you can hand over the dirty work to us and focus on something more substantial.

Advance and detailed cleaning services for an essential part of your kitchen

From remnants of foods to spilt beverages, products stored in the refrigerator seem impossible to be held without something left behind. When you add fridge cleaning services to your cleaning plan, we will take care of your fridge from the inside out and make it appear brand new.

At Master General Cleaning, we try to uphold the highest possible standards for the quality of our practices and products. When you hire us for fridge cleaning, we use eco-friendly products that don’t leave a reverse impact on the food-grade quality of the refrigerator.

If you are tired of saying that you will clean the fridge next week, contact Master General Cleaning at  +353 89 252 6749 and let us handle time-consuming chores.

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